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Learning to Love Yourself

As I sit in my study, quietly, kids sleeping or in school, I start to try to find a before picture of my skin to show friends at an event how dramatically my skin has been transformed by Arbonne’s products. I searched for a family photo, selfie, professional……I searched and searched..then I realized something.

I do not have a SINGLE photo of myself, before Arbonne, that is unedited, untouched, or a fixed in some capacity. No selfie exists other then a quick eye shot, or the corner of my face. The kids Mom and Grantalways front and center so I could hide.

I don’t know if I am over-tired, over stressed or simply embarrassed, but this realization broke me today. I have been SO ashamed of myself for decades. I have hidden behind humor, make-up and photo-shop for as long as I can find on the hard drive.

Maybe it hits me harder because my 5-year-old will only go to school in a dress because SickBoyshe needs to look beautiful every day and warns her 3-year-old brother that if he wears his Super-hero cape to school, then people will laugh at him.

Maybe it is because I have never truly let go of all the bullying and name calling I heard growing up.

Maybe it was the professional photographer who said to me at 14 years old, “You have pimples on one side of your face and scars on the other; how am I supposed to get a good photo?”

I don’t tell you this in order foAccident 8r you to feel sorry for me. I tell you this because, if you have ever felt afraid to be who you are, If you have EVER been ashamed, as I have been, If you have EVER been told that you are Not enough.  IT IS JUST. NOT. TRUE.

Embrace your flaws. They make you who you were meant to be. This is ONLY ONE OF YOU. And your were created in the image of Perfection.worship

Learn to Love Yourself. This will transform your fantasy’s into a reality because there will be No More excuses. This will help you dream bigger, leap higher and stretch yourself wider then you thought ever possible.

Feel a tug? 5…4…3…2…1….FOLLOW IT.  It could be the path to the life you have always wanted.

You are perfectly designed as you. Love it. Cherish it. Share with the world. It Needs you too.trust journey